A Phenomenology of Strange Days

 The mirror that I get dressed in front of sustains the illusion. It holds together the illusion of the visual world (for me, at least, and I am a non-scientific person) and sustains the apparition of my home, my individuality, my clothes and sets of colors. It sustains the apparition of my personal hygiene, the comb, the brush, the brow and the receding hairline. No ghastly distortions. Then again. I have been told that everything reverses in a mirror... 

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FICTIONBrantlee Reid

"So we wondered and I guess it was only for a few seconds as she was at a pay phone in the rain or was it the wetness of the neon lights' drizzle, with some semi-anonymous city expressing itself as a few antebellum mansions adorning deep green hillsides in a distance of storm grey with bright yellow ties of occasional lightning strikes in a further distance, the place we were trying to get to before sunfall..."

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