When a zygote and another zygote love each other very much, they fuse and have gnarly, biologically-
wrong, sad, incestuous clone-sex for the rest of their lives and end up becoming:
     griffin centaur polyploid chimera

What’s a gynandromorph? An insect with a confused, messed-up life.
Sexual dimorphism makes things worse
You may marry yourself, but try as you might,
       you can’t properly fuck yourself

Who has heterochromia? A chimera.
Or someone with genetic mosaicism, disease, injury
      ying yang eyes to see all the ghosts

How does a zygote develop more than one genotype?
     me Os on me own
     (nobody will ever get to taste that lobster;
     she’ll never know what she’s missing)

But why—why’d they have to wait so long
     leave it until it was too late?

Brantlee Reid