Because of your problem, do you have difficulty getting out of bed?

She nudges me toward the open shade.

Darkness binds to what is nearly light.


Look how mist lies in some valleys & dips, 

but not in others. I thought that was the snow.


See the sky wild in orange ripped with pink.

I thought it was the mountains on fire.


Those robins look funny poking the lawn.

Ungrateful children singing the prettiest songs.


Seems we’re in for a change in the weather.

It feels like I am getting the flu.


See the contrails crisscross the brightening blue.

It looks like a chalkboard that needs erasing.


Yes, that's it! Every day is a fresh beginning,

a wiping clean of the slate! I look out past dead

stalks of corn.

                        Yes, each day, as I roll away,

it starts all over again.

Brantlee Reid