Does your problem cause you to feel as though you have left your body?

Hi, I'm serpentine & will be eaten in two weeks. I've exploited

these simpletons since I was evergreen & now I think I'm ripe


enough. I've been to culpable dictators & none of them can sell

me what's wrong. I'll look up feeling fairly fizzy. I'm watching


myself. It comes & goes on feverfew weeks, juice apples one

or two a day. It lasts from Sam I Am until C3PO, but will list


right for the holiday. If I focus on glossolalia, my venison gets

bloody, with an almond hash over my eyes. I feel a fissure belie


my islets & just phalanx out of it. If peppers talk to me, it's as

if I'm in a lost epitaph of Charlie Brown. Everyone mounts me


like an adulterer. I've been tasted for dire beadies, anime & a hot

lunch of thugs. Fear no weevil, thy rotten, thy staph. They come,


fortunate me. The wired thing is laughter mirages. They change

deep ending on what I cook. They move wherever I hang. Around


trapezium, the signalers go away. I get this rash of synergy & find

fire for the rust of the day. Sometimes I look at this guy & it feels


like Father, like floating above my body. It's said I would rather be

there than here. I get these ghost hugs where I feel a ticking against


my clock or leg, like some understanding here against me. I've been

checked for Warm Embrace, but I even get the sensation with lights  


on, so there's no actual hugs,

it’s just in my mind.

Brantlee Reid