blood tree literature

Issue 03

june 2018


Featured Visual Artist: Martha c. Gregory

three red sweaters

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Kelly R. Samuels


"Mother said the doctor who saved
my life was named Poppy.
Salvaged the growing nub,
that which wished to let go. Stick.
We’ll make her stick
, he said.              And did."

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Storerooms of Heaven

Matthew Fleming


"The equinox is all mud.  Mottled tracks of it half-frozen in the fields.  Streaks of the stuff basted over the roads.  If you weren’t careful, a tire could catch some and you’d might as well be on ice.  It’s some fuck-early time and I drive on through the mud of my places, sure on the road and nothing else for certain."

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Michael J. Wilson


                      "If this bench were a blade –
your chest would render would scatter into pixels –"

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On the death of
john ashbery

Leslie whatley


"all those sneezes and shouts, the snatches of crazy
music written on the sides of tacos, the soup kitchen
mumbles and junk tumors, the noises set adrift
into the vortex: none of this ever allowed you
to unstrap your ego and let it swing..."

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quintan ana wikswo

photographer, author,
Performance artist

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Martha c. gregory

award-winning filmmaker


isa gelb

photographer & publisher