We don’t have a lot of rules around here and we like it that way, but here are a few things to note before submitting:

Blood Tree Literature favors lyrical pieces that do not withhold depth or resonance. With that in mind, submit to us your best, the box under your bed marked UNSHARABLE, the orphan poem or black sheep fiction. Send us your experimentals; be vulnerable, be calculated. 

Please note that we don’t typically gravitate toward work that is Y.A. in nature. 


· Maximum word count: 2500. We’d like to keep it flash-y.

· Simultaneous submissions are allowed under the condition that you withdraw your work immediately if it is accepted elsewhere.

· Our current response time falls between 3-6 months.

Book excerpts from recently published books:

BTL is now accepting book excerpts that abide by the maximum word count. If your excerpt is accepted, your book and a blurb will be included in Contributor Books. With your submission, please include a link to where your book can be purchased along with a brief blurb.

If applicable, you may also include a link and blurb with an unrelated submission. Likewise, if your submission is accepted, readers will have access to your book in Contributor Books.