It Is Arranged

“You will discharge, what is the word, your seminal fluid, onto the floor of your dad’s car, onto my daughter's blouse, onto her beautiful hair. Premature. Disgusting. Botched. This is how you will not get my girl, you see. It is arranged that you will never have her after how badly this goes. A bungled thing is not a thing at all. The failure will toxify the budding romance.

Only silence came from the kitchen now…”

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The Sound of Time When Pressed Under Infinite Mass

“‘And so to be in love with a face so expressive, so carefully communicative is to forget yourself without it, like living in a home without a mirror. You have to go by the warped and faded reflection in the toaster and mentally adjust the image. At that point, your notion of self is imagined. At that point you wonder why you do this to yourself. Your body feels entirely tumorous—a part of you, made of the same stuff as you, but distinctly not you.’

‘What are we even talking about anymore? Enough with the abstract metaphors.’”

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[please hold]

“Now it’s a thumbtack dance I do around every new boy I meet who’s never heard the word undetectable used that way & I get to wondering is it my obligation now to tell you what nobody ever bothered to tell me not that I would’a listened even if they had...”

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That Shaft of Light

“The heat came up slowly. She balled her fists under the hot boxes to keep them off her legs. As I clicked on the four-wheel drive to crest Livingston Street, I felt that old old yearning to crawl into my mother’s lap and curl up there in place of the pizza, to be held by her, my mother, nursed and held and hugged to her. I needed to be comforted and protected. And let me be even a bit more honest—to be a slice, to be chewed and swallowed by her, to be in her, down in her stomach again, please, safe and warm…”

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Dog, Dog, Animal House

“We were swimming in the backyard during a thunderstorm. I forgot to say ‘Marco’ one too many times. The water was warm. I gagged. I couldn’t see my hands or the tiled lip at the edge of the pool. You were warning me about something and I didn’t like your tone, so I closed my eyes. Eventually, every horizon gets sucked into a faulty drain…”

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