Is Blood Tree Literature available
on phones and tablets?

Responsive design is a tricky thing. While you can pull up BTL on your mobile devices and tablets thanks to this capability, some codes and forms will be disarranged when adapting to smaller screens. We suggest visiting BTL on your computer for an optimal viewing experience.

how can i keep up with calls for submissions and the latest from Blood tree literature?

You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter, like our Facebook page, and follow our Instagram.

how often will blood tree literature be publishing new pieces?

This is a question we hesitate to answer; as the journal stretches its tendrils into the literary community, we will assess what is feasible and maintainable for us. While our humble goal is to publish around 8 pieces per month, that number is subject and likely to change.

how are spotlight and feature artists chosen?

  • Spotlight authors and featured visual artists are signified by the editor as outstanding based on the quality and impact of the work.
  • Going forward, interviews will be conducted with spotlight authors regarding their chosen piece. 
  • You cannot request to be featured.