space : even


When the world calms : magnetic pulse across the nose : the asses of lightening bugs
take sickly green and make it radiant :


That green is the same color as the slime on Nickelodeon : thickly : it is in buckets the buckets
are silver dented held up on thin handles :


The world makes me sick to my stomach with associations : yellow piles of them :
nothing can deny its history or the history of other things : nothing except the void
of space : even there is the mote of some lost star :


What happened on the worlds orbiting it : when the calm came up on them and the
fields began to blink : there must have been television to turn to : to describe the
moment without hesitation : there must have been something after that sweet tea in
clouded glass the allure of sex : someone asked what next someone else dropped the
bucket from on high :



 first collection of poetry, A Child of Storm, is out now from Stalking Horse Press. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he writes for an entertainment company. His newest book will be out this winter.