for Marie Kondo

garbage has to be the poem of our time because
garbage is spiritual
— a. r. ammons


razor fetish Barbie is the trash faerie
blackened with wire corona and tin can wings
already discarded a gift from somebody

you kept for years among all your poor things
here comes the rain in a sudden storm
a sheet that falls on the roof like nails the litter

in the yard becomes a scab a rain apocalyptical
soaking us all everything grateful for a tarp over
our heads pickup day is tomorrow and we’re ready

to say goodbye haven’t given it a thought
the old ripped jeans with the ragged crotch
split wide the empty jars of ginger tea and pickles

the brown stalks of broccoli the books and remnants
remember this when you want a treat instead
don’t eat fast run away run faster farther alone



leslie whatley

received a Ph.D. in English from Florida State University and has published stories, poems, and essays in YemasseeNew Southerner MagazineHotel AmerikaAtlanta Review, and elsewhere.